Patient Testimonials

"I have tried just about everything for my back and neck.  Micki performed dry needling and addressed related muscles. Because of Micki’s diligence, skill and knowledge I am now able to take care of my basic needs, such as housework, laundry and grocery shopping without the need for an aide. I refer to Micki as a Godsend.  My friends and family refer to my marked improvement in abilities, pain reduction and strength as a miracle.  I highly recommend Micki without reservation."

-Gay Marie C.

"I get terrible tension headaches that sometimes takes weeks to go away each time and have tried everything for them, including medication, the chiropractor, acupuncture, and traditional physical therapy. Someone suggested that I see Micki for dry needling and I agreed to try it. I can honestly say that after the first appointment, my headache went away and each time it comes back dry needling helps it go away again within hours instead of weeks! I am happy that Micki has brought this form of therapy to Active Care and am impressed with her skill and knowledge in this field. I highly recommend dry needling for a wide range of issues, but especially those like me that suffer from chronic headaches or migraines."

-Leslie J.

I have suffered with chronic migraines for years without any relief from medications. I finally decided to try physical therapy and with Micki’s help I went from 3 migraines a week to 1-2 a month. She used dry needling to ease my muscle pain and taught me exactly why I was having migraines. The exercises she gave me were easy and simple so I can stay consistent with them at home. I recommend anyone with migraine or headache pain to see Micki!

-Briana T.

"I started working with Dr Micki Murzynski about an old knee issue that kept flaring up. She evaluated me and determined that a lot of my knee issues were due to weak back muscles. She started with dry needling and exercise. Wow!! What a difference it has made in my life. I also went back for a neck issue, dry needling and stretching helped to resolve this issue. I would highly recommend Dr Murzynski. If you have never tried dry needling you need to, what a difference."

-Dana Z.

"I was recently treated at Activecare Physical Therapy by Dr. Micki for inflammation in my IT band from cycling. I had difficulty reaching my daily preset step count and was approaching my “busy” season at work, plus I was very limited with being able to cycle. After a thorough assessment, we developed a personalized plan of care. Dr. Micki instituted dry needling, stretching, and a home exercise program. Within a month, I was 80% improved and by the end of my treatments and ongoing home exercises, that I still do, I was 100%. With her personalized plan, caring, and really listening, did I get there. I would highly recommend Dr. Micki and Activecare Physical Therapy. I am now spinning, walking, and getting more steps in then I have in a long time, thanks to the great care that I received!"

-Mari J.

"For years, I was having problems with limited movement/pain in my right shoulder. Dr. Micki evaluated me and said the issue with my shoulder was coming from my back muscles. They were weak and not engaging, which was putting all the pressure on my shoulder to do all the work.  She dry needled my shoulder muscles to relieve the trigger points, worked with me on strengthening my back muscles, and gave me exercises to do at home.  I can now move my shoulder freely and no longer have any pain!"

-Lena L.

"I am an avid runner and was experiencing tightness, pulling in my upper left hamstring and lower back pain. Dr. Micki analyzed my running and how my legs & hips were engaging with my running steps. She noticed my left leg wasn’t following through, and she looked at my hips and lower back and said my lower back muscles also were very weak and not stabilizing, and my hamstring muscles were very, very, tight.  She dry needled the trigger points in the muscles to relieve the tightness, and worked with me on strengthening my lower back muscles.  She also gave me exercises to continue to work on at home. I now can run again without any problems!  

I would highly recommend Dr. Micki at Activecare Physical Therapy to anyone who is having issues with pain, sore, tight muscles, etc. She listens to your concerns and gets to the root cause of what is causing your issues!" 

-Lisa N.