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Can You “Feel” This Cold Weather in Your Bones?

As it turns out, you can! This phenomenon is common with people who have arthritis or musculoskeletal injuries when the weather gets colder and the atmosphere pressure changes. When the atmospheric pressure drops and the weather gets colder, joints can swell causing aching and stiffness. Luckily this change in weather which results as an increase in stiffness and aching can be managed by exercise with the help of a physical therapist.

Physical therapy can help increase strength and improve flexibility to better support the joints. It will also focus on teaching proper posture and body mechanics to decrease stress and strain on the joints for more pain free daily activities.

People who suffer from migraines might also experience more episodes as the temperature drops. A physical therapist can help provide significant relief from headaches by working with you to correct the muscle imbalances and improve on your posture to decrease strain to your neck and head; which causes the headaches.

The best way to combat these cold temperatures and body aches is to stay active throughout the year. Message me to find out more how I can help you tackle this cold winter weather!

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